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Greensboro Vol. Fire Co. 116 North Main Street P.O. Box 307 Greensboro, MD. 21639

(410) 482-8420

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Do you want to be a part of helping your community?
The real reward is how you’ll feel about yourself — but that’s just the beginning. Being a volunteer with a Maryland Fire/EMS department brings with it many benefits including a healthy state income tax deduction, a LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program) with retirement benefits, scholarship opportunities, professional development and leadership training and much more. Click the "Details" button for more info.
March 2023 Company drill
March 7th Chief Harvey conducted a drill on winching, double line pulls, patient packaging and off the cuff random questions on various standpipe and vehicle access parking on some of the multi-family hi rises in our first due area.

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    Dollar General - Greensboro
    13730 Greensboro Road Greensboro, MD 21639
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  • Fri, Oct 13, 202311:33
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    Mes Landfill
    12236 River Road Ridgely, MD 21660
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  • Fri, Oct 13, 202311:16
    Medical Emergency

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