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Building Fire - Fox Grape Road
Friday, July 8, 2011
At 1921 hours, Stations 600, 700, 400 and 300 for Tower 310 were dispatched to 25966 Fox Grape Road for a reported shed fire. Chief 6 (Jim Bambary, 615) arrived and reported a working shed fire with exposures to the garage. Officer 615 established Fox Grape Road Command. E-604 (6/1 Safety Officer M. Smith) arrived at 1924 hours and made an aggressive fire attack, saving all the valuables in the garage. The crew from E-603 (4/0 J.Parenteau) arrived, placed a second line in service, and assisted with extinguishing the shed. E401 was assigned R.I.T., and Tower 310 was assigned salvage. Crews from E703 secured the utilities in the garage and assisted with overhaul. T-606 (Jim Harvey, 616) controlled the water supply on side C, T-706 on Side A. The other apparatus was placed in service as soon as possible due to multiple calls during the storm. Crews operated for approximately one hour and five minutes before clearing. The incident occurred during a severe thunderstorm and was caused by a lightning strike. We would like to thank all companies who operated during the incident. Units: Chief 6, E-604, E-603, U608, T606,B602, E-401, T406, E703, E702 (Standby 600), T706, Tower 310, E304